Heat Pump Installation in Salisbury, NC 28146

“The Stout “team” is exactly that, an AWESOME team.
Lori…..took the initial call..followed up with heads up calls…just a pleasant warm person.
Brett….field rep….did a great job…first with deriving various tweaks to the quote, bringing in Randy with his years of experience to more fully configure the job…visits to and supporting the crew, and supporting the finishing touches that needed fine tuning. He stayed with it until the end and I always felt supported and informed.
Scott was a great lead man, supported by an energetic, polite, competent, and hardworking Logan and Jon.
Holland really worked hard and conscientiously, overcoming multiple obstacles, and with a great knowledge of the electronic details. I knew this as I had studied the schematics myself, so our discussions were spot on.
And Randy, during his quote support visit, his full vision of the solution and directing the traffic for the team remote, the job was executed better than I hoped.
I was especially impressed with the outstanding character of the young bucks, Scott, Logan, Holland, and Jon. It is obvious the Stout management took care to hire its team not just on competence but more importantly on character. I enjoyed interacting with them as they worked, they had fun but worked hard. A fine group of young men that really comport themselves well and reflect admirably upon the company. Thanks to all for a job well done!”

– Tom T.