Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Air Isn’t There

When Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners need service on their home cooling and heating systems, Stout Heating and Air Conditioning’s technicians can quickly diagnose, adjust and repair to restore peak performance and efficiency.

For safety and warranty reasons, you should never attempt to service equipment yourself. There are, however, some simple things you can check if you’re comfortable taking a look.

Inspect the thermostat to make sure it is working properly. Is the display lit and showing the right settings?  If not, you may simply need to change the batteries.

Air Filter
Confirm that the air filter is clean.  A clogged filter can restrict air flow and cause your system to labor or shut down. Your filter should be replaced every month or so based on your system and the quality of air in your home.

Power Supply
Verify that the circuit breakers are on for both the indoor and outdoor units and that the switches and/or disconnects near the indoor furnace and outdoor condenser (AC unit) are on.

Air Intake Grills
Look to see if air intake grills and supply registers are open and unobstructed. Your heating and air conditioning system needs sufficient air flow to work properly.  If your cold air returns are blocked by furniture or other obstructions, this can compromise how well your system cools or heats your home.

Outdoor Unit
Check your outdoor A/C unit for dirt, debris or bushes blocking air flow. If it’s dirty, gently spray the outside of the unit with a hose. Be careful not to use a hard stream of water that could bend the fins.

Of course, when in doubt, the best troubleshooting A/C tip for Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners is to simply call the pros at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll get to you fast, do the job right, and make sure your air is there when you need it most.

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