Smooth Home Comfort Moves For Energy And Money Savings

At Stout Heating and Air Conditioning, eliminating wasted energy problems to save you money is one of the favorite parts of our Rowan County, North Carolina HVAC business.

Here are some smooth home comfort moves that can generate big savings over the course of the year.

Insulation Modifications. In an under-insulated home, the outside temperature can negatively impact the conditioned air indoors. If air is escaping from or leaking into your house through the walls, ceiling and floor, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will be compromised, and your energy bills will rise accordingly. We can check and fine-tune for maximum performance.

Thermostat Upgrades. A programmable thermostat helps you control heating and cooling and performance both when you’re home and away. Picking the right thermostat is a pivotal step to minimizing energy waste. The experts at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning can recommend a model that fits your home and lifestyle.

Energy Audits. A home energy audit reveals the true efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment and other appliances. The audit can include a review of utility bills as well as an inspection of your whole house to measure energy consumption, identify possible concerns and suggest improvements.

Preventative Maintenance. Even minor issues can affect heating and cooling performance, which means your equipment will work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable. Regular maintenance keeps problems at bay and ensures existing ones are fixed before they get worse.

A large portion of the monthly utility costs for your Rowan County, North Carolina home comes from the heating and cooling system. Consider making smooth home comfort moves like these to trim waste and boost comfort.

For more energy and money saving tips, call the pros at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning.

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