Enjoy Safe, Reliable Backup Power With A Whole-House Generator

Power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer. To keep the lights on and your comfort high when the power goes out in your Rowan County, North Carolina home, Stout Heating and Air Conditioning recommends you consider an automatic standby home generator.

Powered by liquid propane fuel or natural gas, whole-house generators provide peace of mind during unexpected blackouts by supplying a safe, continuous flow of backup power. With so much of our daily lives dependent on electricity, generators can keep you and your family going by delivering power to run appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, washers/dryers, computers and more. The benefits of having a generator installed are immediate and long-term, including:

  • Fast and automatic delivery of power during a blackout.
  • Sustaining home comfort and safety during prolonged man-made and natural disasters.
  • Maintaining active alarm systems to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Protection from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges when the power returns.
  • Increase in resale value of home

While a portable gasoline generator is better than nothing when power is out for days or weeks, they have several big disadvantages when compared to whole-house generators. They’re very loud, require large amounts of fuel and frequent refills to keep running, and are too small to power all your high-demand electrical appliances and central air conditioner.

Whole-house generators offer the ideal solution for power outages in the Rowan County, North Carolina area: A flick-one-switch source of automatic, cost-effective backup power for your home when you need it most. Secure. Reliable. Affordable.

For help with your heating and cooling system after a power outage, call the pros at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning at (704) 633-8095. For more info on home generators, call our friends at Tim Schenk Electric at (704) 633-8056.

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