Check Your Furnace For Winter Fitness

In the months-long battle to beat winter’s big chill here in Rowan County, North Carolina, furnaces that have been neglected can be ill-equipped and even unsafe to heat your home. Fortunately, there are basic heating maintenance steps you can take to make sure your family stays safe and warm.

First, visually inspect the flue system of your furnace and water heater. The flue is the round galvanized pipe located on the top of your furnace that carries the unburned gas products and carbon monoxide to the outside of the home. The water heater usually ties into the furnace flue as well. Closely examine the pipe for holes or rust. Squeeze the round pipe and make sure you don’t have rust outs developing from the inside out.

Next, remove the top door to your furnace, take a flashlight and carefully look for rust build-up inside the burners and the heat exchanger. Look for any rusty metal and flakes of rusted particles. Carefully examine the condition of the burners looking for damage. If there is any rust in the heat exchanger or on the burners, it should be cleaned out.

Another basic heating maintenance test you can perform is to have someone turn the furnace on while you observe the burners lighting. They should all light smoothly and evenly without any whooshing sound or booming. Once the burners light, they should all burn blue with a slight yellow tip of the flame.

Some of these furnace maintenance steps can be tricky. If you’re uneasy about tackling them yourself, give Stout Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Checking Rowan County area residents’ furnaces for winter fitness is one of our specialties!

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