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Home Safety Tips For a Happy Holiday

At Stout Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians in the field are working with equipment and electricity all day, so we take safety very seriously. During the holidays, it’s important for all Rowan County, North Carolina residents to follow some basic home safety rules. Check out these timely tips and enjoy all the festivities of the season injury-free!

  1. Inspect electrical decorations for damage before use. Cracked or damaged sockets, loose or bare wires, and loose connections can trigger a serious shock or ignite a fire.
  2. Don’t overload electrical outlets. Overloading electrical outlets is a common cause of holiday fires. Spread your electrical devices out among multiple outlets and plug only one high-wattage appliance into each outlet at a time.
  3. Use battery-powered candles. Traditional candles start almost half of home decoration fires. Battery-operated candles provide the same holiday ambiance without the hazard.
  4. Treat cords with care. To avoid shock or fire hazards, cords should never be pinched by furniture, wedged in to small spaces such as doors or windows, tucked under rugs, put near heat sources, or attached by nails or staples.
  5. Don’t stray far from the kitchen when something is cooking. Unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of home cooking fires. Make sure someone’s on duty until the dish is done.
  6. Shut things down at bedtime. Half of home fire deaths occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. To be on the safe side, unplug all decorations and extinguish all candles before turning in for the night or leaving the house.
  7. Make sure your ladder is stable. When hanging decorations outside, place your ladder on firm ground. Use leg levelers under the ladder on uneven or soft ground. (You can buy them at hardware or home improvement stores.) Check the ladder’s maximum load rating to confirm that it can support both your weight and whatever you are carrying. Check all rung locks and spreader braces on the ladder to make sure they are set.
  8. Stay within your ladder’s safe zone. Center your body between the rails of the ladder at all times. Leaning too far to one side while working is dangerous and can cause you to fall. Do not stand on the top three rungs of a straight, single or extension ladder.

Take it from the pros at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning – a happy holiday begins and ends with safety. Keep these tips for Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners in mind as you exercise caution and you’ll be ready to enjoy the magic – and avoid the tragic – all season long.

Top Technicians Raise Standard of Home Comfort Services In Rowan County, NC

While many people often assume that the cooling and heating contractors they use employ technicians who have high professional qualifications and skills, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

At Stout Heating and Air Conditioning, we became aware years ago that:

  • Many service technicians in the Rowan County, North Carolina area weren’t properly trained to work on today’s sophisticated heating and cooling systems.
  • Equipment was not lasting as long as expected.
  • Inefficiently-performing systems were adding hundreds of dollars a year to utility bills.
  • Local residents and businesses were paying a high price in repairing and replacing poorly designed and maintained systems.

Faced with a lower standard of service that was compromising customer confidence in the local cooling and heating industry, Stout Heating and Air Conditioning made a commitment to invest in education and training that helps our technicians stay up to date on the latest technology and best practices. Our efforts led to being recognized as an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, an honor earned by only a select group that meet Trane’s highest standards for technical expertise and customer satisfaction.

Today, our commitment to excellence is making its impact felt as we enhance the expertise of our air conditioning and heating technicians and bring customers the consistent quality, service and value they deserve.

As Stout Heating and Air Conditioning keeps continuous training a top priority, a higher standard of service has helped hundreds of Rowan County, North Carolina customers enjoy their homes and businesses as comfortably and cost-effectively as possible.

Like the old saying goes, knowledge is power … the power to push your comfort higher and costs lower. When techs train, we all gain!

Tips To Enjoy The Fall In Rowan County, North Carolina

The beauty of warm colors and mild days are here. Turning leaves and the smell of chimney smoke are just a few of the things to enjoy during the fall season in Rowan County, North Carolina. To help you take full advantage, your friends at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning have put together a short list of season-smart tips.

Yard Work … And Play. The most eye-catching thing about fall is the changing of the leaves. It makes for stunning scenery, but also a messy yard. Be prepared by taking the time to ensure you have the right tools on hand to rake up and bag those leaves for disposal. The better prepared you are, the less hassle it will be for you. You can even make it fun by making a family day of it. Jump around in the leaves, pick them up, have a contest to see who finds the prettiest leaf. The point is… it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Revamp Your Garage. While preparing for fall, take the time to organize your garage and get rid of things you don’t need. You can also plan ahead and make sure that winter necessities are handy as well. During these months, it will make your life a lot easier if you can park your car inside the garage. Not to mention the peace of mind you will gain in knowing that what you need – whether it be a tool, shovel or holiday decoration – is accessible and organized.

Service Your Heating System. A fall preventative maintenance service is essential to the peak performance of your heating system. A Stout Heating and Air Conditioning technician can do a complete system check and tune-up to ensure your equipment runs efficiently as the cool weather turns colder. You’ll head off costly problems, lock in comfort, and keep more money in your pocket.

Make the most of fall – it’s a great time of year in Rowan County, North Carolina. And don’t forget to call the pros at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning to keep the climate cozy inside your home.

Making Your Next Home Comfort System A Perfect Match

Few things are as important as your family’s home comfort. While pursuing that priority can create a “get-it-fixed-now” mindset, it sometimes doesn’t make sense to put several hundred dollars in repairs into equipment that might be near the end of its life cycle.

The Rewards of Replacement

Stout Heating and Air Conditioning believes that it’s sometimes better to put that money into a new unit that will immediately save Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners on utility bills every month and afford them peace of mind in long-term reliability.

When it is time to replace your heating and cooling equipment, you can count on Stout to provide you with the best value on top performing air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, thermostats and more. Today’s new air conditioning units remove humidity better, stabilize indoor comfort, and do everything much more efficiently.

Details Make The Difference

Our expert service technicians will gather detailed information about your house – its insulation, the type and size of its windows, its total floor area, etc. – so that the right-sized equipment can be selected for maximum comfort at minimum energy use. After we talk about your specific heating and cooling comfort needs, questions and concerns, we design and expertly install the ideal system based on our analysis and your approval.

Whether that means an energy efficient Trane air conditioner for superior hot weather comfort and savings, an electric heater or gas furnace for reliable comfort in the chill of winter, or any number of other home comfort options, we can make it happen. We can also engineer and construct the most effective duct configuration for that system.

Stout Heating and Air Conditioning has the most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in the Rowan County, North Carolina area. We specialize in one thing above all else: making our customers comfortable.

Designing and installing the heating and cooling system that’s the perfect match for your situation is a project we’re always ready, willing and able to tackle.


How To Prepare For Your A/C Service Call

Occasionally, one of our Rowan County, North Carolina customers will ask if there’s anything he or she can do to make the job a little easier before a Stout Heating and Air Conditioning tech arrives. While we can deal with any detail once we’re at your home, here are a few things that can be of assistance.

  • Gather any paperwork that came with the unit when it was installed that might aid in diagnosing the problem.
  • Try to find the most recent invoices for any work done to your air conditioning system. If possible, try to remember any comments made by the last technician to work on your system and write them down. The more information you give the technician the faster the diagnosis and repair.
  • Clear away anything that might be in the way of the air handler so the technician can easily open the panels and conduct an inspection.
  • If the air handler is in the garage, you will probably want to move anything that might obstruct access, such as cars, furniture, supplies and materials.
  • If the air handler is in the attic, locate the opening to the attic and clear anything that might interfere with placing a ladder under it.
  • Clear away anything that can get in the way of the technician having access to the condensing unit (outdoor unit) or electrical disconnect, such as plants and shrubs.
  • Locate the main electrical panel to the entire home, or that particular part of the home, and inform the technician upon arrival.
  • Find out where your drain line exits the house. It’s usually next to the condensing unit (outdoor unit) or the exterior wall that is closest to the air handler closet.
  • Don’t discard the most recent filter. Let the technician inspect it and include it in the diagnostic.
  • Last but not least, if you have animals please put them in a secure place as far away from the yard and air handler area as possible. Your Stout tech will appreciate the safe working environment.

That’s about it. If you’re willing and able to take care of some of these items before we arrive, that’s great. But even if you don’t, our top Rowan County, North Carolina air conditioning technicians come prepared to succeed, with expert knowledge and a knack for fixing most A/C issues on the very first visit.

Stay cool and call if you need us.

What To Look For When Choosing An Air Conditioning Company

Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners in need of someone to help them achieve their indoor comfort goals must size up the local options. Factors like reputation, service capabilities, technical skills and product offerings are all important considerations. We can’t help you judge other A/C companies, but here’s what you get with Stout Heating and Air Conditioning.

The Stout crew is led by great technicians trained to do impeccable work and passionate about customer service. In fact, we’ve been recognized as an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, an honor earned by only a select group that meet Trane’s highest standards for customer satisfaction and technical expertise.

Stout offers products with a long track record of exceptional performance and value. The Trane heating and cooling systems that we sell and service can save you money each month while keeping you comfortable year-round.

When customers need service on their home or business air conditioning and heating systems, we have the know-how to diagnose, adjust or repair their systems with minimal interruption. Our services include:

Equipment Replacement: We strive to provide the top value on the highest quality comfort systems for Rowan County, NC homes and businesses.

Preventative Maintenance: We offer preventative maintenance agreements for homes and businesses of any size. It’s the recommended way to obtain optimal efficiency and performance from comfort systems for years to come.

Complete System Installation: Stout’s comfort consultants personally assess the climate environments of homes and businesses and design systems that fit individual situations and budgets.

Indoor Air Quality: We offer residential and commercial air duct cleaning services to help improve air quality and remove dust, pollen, mold spores and more.

From equipment repair to complete comfort system installation, the team at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning will give you the best service and value on the finest quality products.

When a proven history of satisfying customers combines with up-to-the-minute expertise and uncompromised integrity, you can be confident that you’ve found the right air conditioning company.  Stout would love to be your Rowan County, North Carolina comfort provider for many years to come.

The Filter Factor: Why Your A/C System Craves Them And How You Benefit

It’s easy to forget to change an air conditioning filter that’s out of sight, out of mind while quietly doing its duty. Until it doesn’t.

At Stout Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that your A/C system’s appetite for new filters never fades, and denying it can have some serious consequences for Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners:

Energy consumption
Dirty air filters make your A/C work extra hard and for a longer period, causing more energy to be consumed. The more energy burned, the higher your utility bills go. Basic filter maintenance will help keep energy usage to a minimum.

A dirty air filter can result in damage to the fan blower motor or the need for more frequent cleanings of the internal parts of your air handler. Dirt and grime that accumulate on critical moving parts can cause them to fail much quicker than normal. This can be very costly and sometimes lead to a total system replacement. At the very least, your equipment’s life expectancy will be significantly reduced.

Forgetting to change your air filter can contribute to an escalation in health problems. Why? Your filter is the primary defense against harmful airborne allergens and contaminants. As it gets dirtier, it become less effective at trapping the contaminants and pollutants that irritate your breathing, triggering sneezing, allergic reactions and asthma. You wind up breathing what your overloaded filter can’t handle any more.

The bottom line is that a neglected filter can build up so much dirt that it reduces air flow to the A/C system causing a host of problems. Besides the health risks and money wasted in energy inefficiency day after day, a worst-case scenario could result in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs for a unit that breaks down.

Stout Heating and Air Conditioning’s recommendation to Rowan County, North Carolina homeowners is to replace filters every month in the summer, every other month in the cool weather months.

After all, a quality air filter changed on a regular schedule is a small investment to protect your family’s health and enhance home comfort system performance.

Make it a habit and enjoy a fresh flow of clean air and savings!

Ductless Systems: Big Comfort For Smaller Spaces In Your Rowan County, NC Home

Does this sound familiar?  You have a room or area in your home that’s just too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer to enjoy comfortably. Whether it’s a room addition, sun porch or some other setting, space is limited and a unique solution is needed.

That’s where ductless systems installed by a Rowan County, North Carolina area heating and cooling contractor like Stout Heating and Air Conditioning come in. These stylish, low-profile mini-split and multi-split units are ideal for situations where adding ductwork in tight spaces might be difficult or impractical. Providing supplemental clean, comfortable air to compact living environments, these systems offer:

  • Energy efficiency – Ratings start at 16 SEER and go up to 27 SEER with an Energy Star most efficient rating.
  • Increased comfort – Humidity and temperature are easily controlled. A built-in temperature sensor in the remote controller allows for easy system adjustments without getting up.
  • Quiet operation – They run as low as 23 decibels … soft as a whisper.
  • Designed for year-round performance in North Carolina – Units capable of cooling or heating your home during changing seasonal demands.
  • Flexible options – Accommodate a single room or up to 5 indoor units without a hitch. Just one multi-port outdoor unit can provide year-round comfort for multiple zones in the home, from 18k to 42k BTU.
  • Non-invasive installation – Eliminating the need to run ducts makes putting in mini-split systems a much less labor-intensive task for professional heating and cooling system installers. They can be placed along almost any wall or ceiling.

Having no room for ductwork doesn’t mean you can’t get high efficiency cooling and heating at a lower operational cost. Ductless Systems have the big comfort, small space solution at a competitive price.

To learn more, call Stout Heating and Air Conditioning, your HVAC service and ductless system specialist for Rowan County, North Carolina.

The Rewards Of Preventative A/C Maintenance: Comfort, Savings And Smooth Sailing Through The Seasons.

If you’re like a lot of Rowan County, North Carolina residents, you tend to wait until something is wrong before calling an air conditioning company. The trouble with that is, by neglecting to have your A/C or furnace serviced regularly, you will very likely pay more in the long run – more in energy bills, more in repairs, and more in replacement costs due to reduced equipment life.

If we could give you just four words of wisdom from our years in the cooling and heating business, they would simply be these: “It pays to maintain.”

Think about it. In addition to improved safety, comfort and energy efficiency, regularly maintained equipment is less likely to require service. That can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in preventable repair costs over the lifetime of your system.

Considering all that’s at stake, keeping everything in good working order is simply the smart thing to do. Stout Heating and Air Conditioning is here to make it easy, with an affordable annual maintenance plan that prepares your home comfort system for efficient performance all year long. The benefits include:

  • Priority Customer service
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Discounted Rates
  • Improved Safety
  • And much more

It sure does pay to maintain … and the rewards are substantial. In fact, getting the year-round comfort that comes with an annual service plan is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Prevent problems. Lock in comfort. Save money on energy costs for your Rowan County, North Carolina area home. For a safe and dependable home comfort system – and the peace of mind that goes with it – call Stout Heating and Air Conditioning about signing up for a maintenance plan today!

Super High-Efficiency Systems: The Smart Choice For Home Heating and Cooling

Your heating and cooling system maintains comfortable temperatures inside your home throughout the year. Over time, however, it can begin to lose efficiency and have more frequent breakdowns.

If your system is more than ten years old, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that it be inspected by a qualified professional. The goal: To assess overall running condition and determine if a new ENERGY STAR rated model can reduce your utility costs and ensure a higher degree of indoor comfort. The installation experts at Stout Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with the most practical and energy-efficient solutions for your climate control needs in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Modern Advances in Air Conditioning Technology

The latest AC technology offers greater advantages for homeowners than ever before. With average summertime temperatures hovering around 81 degrees in Rowan County, these sophisticated systems provide the cooling power needed to sustain comfortable temperatures inside your home. High-efficiency air conditioning units from top manufacturers like Trane can save you real money on your utility bills while keeping things consistently cool.

Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Air Conditioning Equipment

One of the most important advances in the HVAC industry is the development of high-efficiency heat pumps that can keep homes cool during the heat of summer and warm in the winter months. These systems extract heat from outside air and deliver cool, conditioned comfort indoors when temperatures are at their peak. In winter, the process is reversed to provide warmth for you and your family even on the coldest North Carolina mornings.

As an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, Stout Heating and Air Conditioning can provide expert installation, repair and maintenance services on any heating or cooling system to help you get the most from your investment.

To learn more about the energy savings available from super high-efficiency systems, call us at (704) 633-8095.